Live On Site Auctions 

Step 1:   Email/Text or call us to receive copies of all documents for the property in mind. As always feel free to ask any and all questions. 614-205-2738 or

Step 2:   Schedule a showing or visit our Open House. Bidder packets will also be available

Step 3:   Register to bid the day of Auction (arrive at least 30 min. prior to start) by filling out a bidder’s card and submit your cashier’s check.  The amount of your cashier’s check can be found on our website, the auction brochure, or by calling our office. Your check will be returned if you are not the winning bidder. If you are the lucky winning bidder, your check will be applied towards the purchase and closing. The Buyer's Premium will be collected at closing.

Step 4:   Determine how much you are willing to pay for this property. 

Needs and desires are unique, your evaluations of the property will most likely be different from the other bidders. For any questions regarding the property or the auction process, please see a bid assistant at the registration table.

Step 5:   As the auctioneer progresses with her call for bids, simply raise your hand when you would like to place a bid.  This process is repeated until the property is sold.  Please note that the auctioneer will not let you bid against yourself. If you have any questions in regards to what is going on around you, motion to one of the bid assistants.  They are here to help you in any way possible.

Step 6:   If you are the winning Bidder proceed to the contract area after the auction closes.  A member of the auction team will ask you to sign the Auction Purchase documents. 

What Our Clients Say

"I can’t tell you enough how much you helped our family. When mom passed we did not know what to do, the house and everything that was in it had to be sold. You and your staff not only sold her home at a remarkable price, you also cleared it and sold all the things that were in the house. It was amazing to me that we did not have to “lift a finger” as they say. Thank you for always keeping us involved, up to date and your compassion. But most of all thank you for finding my father’s Masonic ring and returning it to us. Trust and confidence are the best words to describe our feelings about you and Schillig Auctioneers.”