Our clients don’t want their home on the market for an undetermined time and they don’t want to sell it for less than it is worth.  

A successful real estate transaction is about informing Clients of the market conditions and designing the Accelerated Marketing Plan To Bring That Market to You. If our clients are educated towards all aspects of the real estate transaction in advance, we then can help to prepare their property for sale. This will assist them to make the best decisions when an offer(s) is presented.  

Why wait to get an offer on your property?

Why wait to discover the buyer’s concerns? Finally, why wait? We can anticipate those concerns about your property that a buyer may want to know upfront and find those answers. 

Our experience has shown that the real “first showing” of your home is the one on the internet. 89% of Buyers will start “viewing” properties on line. So it is critical not only to be present on multi sites, but also to have the answers and to have the plan in place. This Accelerated Marking Plan will make your home stand out above all others and prepare your home for strong offers as soon as it is listed. 

We have proven time and time again that this Accelerated Marketing method will generate the highest price for your property with the shortest waiting period. It leaves no chance for price renegotiations, contingencies or remedies, nor does it allow a buyer to back out of the transaction at the last minute.  

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What Our Clients Say

"I can’t tell you enough how much you helped our family. When mom passed we did not know what to do, the house and everything that was in it had to be sold. You and your staff not only sold her home at a remarkable price, you also cleared it and sold all the things that were in the house. It was amazing to me that we did not have to “lift a finger” as they say. Thank you for always keeping us involved, up to date and your compassion. But most of all thank you for finding my father’s Masonic ring and returning it to us. Trust and confidence are the best words to describe our feelings about you and Schillig Auctioneers.”